ECV – Now a Law in Georgia

IN THE NEWS ~ JUNE 29, 2013

Are you doing business in the state of Georgia?  Beginning July 1, 2013, all burglary alarm responses will require enhanced call verification (ECV) procedures if you are contacting a public police agency.  The Georgia State Legislature has approved a proposal to move all state police agencies to require ECV procedures before contacting the police for a dispatch on a burglary alarm.  This means that the central station will be required to place two (2) telephone calls in an attempt to verify the burglary alarm before calling the police department.  Contact NMC’s Dealer Support Services department for further details on how to move your Georgia monitored accounts to ECV coding.

Quicken Response with Dealer Discrepancy Form

IN THE NEWS ~ JUNE 29, 2013

The online discrepancy form is designed to improve communication with our dealers and provide an additional source for soliciting performance feedback. This form allows NMC to provide our dealers another convenient means to communicate service requests or concerns. When an online discrepancy form is submitted, dealers automatically receive a confirmation message from NMC for their records. View Form


IN THE NEWS ~ JUNE 29, 2013

NMC, a pioneer and charter member in the Automated Secure Alarm Protocal (ASAP), is testing with the Automated Secure Alarm Protocol (ASAP) program which will allow us to electronically communicate with police agencies participating in the program.  Under the program, monitoring stations that have been approved by the PSAP are able to access the secure police networks in order to transmit alarm information requiring police services directly to the police computers.  This improves efficiency and accuracy when communicating with the participating police agencies.  We plan to go live on this program in the 3rd quarter 2013.

NMC’s New Partnership Provides “Key” Benefits for NMC Dealers

IN THE NEWS ~ JUNE 29, 2013

NMC and Micro Key Solutions recently announced a partnership which allows NMC’s dealers that use Micro Key’s Millennium Management software to synch with the National Monitoring Central Station, providing a true Single Point of Entry interface between Dealers and Central Stations. It allows for automatic updates and seamless communications between calls lists, call zones, account testing and alarm history, thereby ensuring that all data is up-to-date and accurate. The end result is increased efficiency, decreased time expenditure and reduced labor costs.


“NMC is always looking for ways to help our dealers increase efficiency and reduce cost. This is line with our commitment to support our dealers so that they can focus on growing their business,” commented Woodie Andrawos, Executive Vice President.


As an exclusive incentive for National Monitoring dealers, Micro Key is offering a new product offering of their Millennium Management Software, called Dealer Essentials. The Dealer Essentials package includes Accounts Receivable, Service Tracking and One Workstation.

NMC Takes Vegas with another Successful Bellagio Event

IN THE NEWS ~ JUNE 29, 2013

If you attended the ISC West Show in Las Vegas, you may have heard the buzz surrounding NMC’s annual cocktail reception.  Held at the Bellagio Hotel on April 10th, over 300 guests enjoyed refreshing cocktails, great food and lively conversation in the elegant setting of the Monet Room. Be on the lookout next year for this “must-see” dealer event!

“Brand” New NMC Products to Help Customize Your Brand

IN THE NEWS ~ JUNE 29, 2013

Currently in Beta testing, in the 3rd quarter NMC will be rolling out a few exciting products that will help dealers solidify its brand in the minds of its customers, thereby increasing customer loyalty and continued profits. With these products, dealers will be able to customize the look and feel of customer software interface with the dealer’s logo and matching color scheme. When customers see and use these products, they will be seeing your brand which is another powerful marketing tool – courtesy of NMC.


The most exciting new product offering is NMC’s AlarmAccount Mobile App! Don’t be fooled by other products you may have read about. This mobile app is a true Apple-registered application that can only be downloaded in the Apple iTunes store!


Similarly, customization of the AlarmAccount “desktop” application will also be offered by NMC, offering further dealer branding opportunities. Whether your customers access their vital data on their Smartphone, iPad or laptop, they will enjoy the same dealer experience, all supported by the experts at NMC.


Did You Know? 911 Calls Could be Affected for VoIP Users

IN THE NEWS ~ JUNE 29, 2013

As you know, many consumers are switching to Voice Over IP (VoIP) networks for their communication needs. However, did you know that 911 emergency calls could be affected for homeowners with VoIP service? That’s because agencies use landlines or “POTS” to trace the calls. If your client is using VoIP, you should inform them of the possibility of not being able to reach a proper 911 representative in an emergency. These customers should contact their carrier to ensure that they are following proper FCC guidelines for 911 emergency services.