Runaway Alert! We’ll Keep You Posted.



With Runaway Alert auto-message notification, NMC will let you know via email or text message when any account has received 75 or more signals within 24 hours.


Detecting a runaway panel can be essential in managing toll-free or cellular transmission costs. And, discovering an alarm panel problem at the early stage can help prevent a lack of security at the subscriber location in addition to preventing large phone bills – allowing you to maintain security for your customers while keeping costs down.


NMC’s data-driven research has shown that containing a runaway panel before it gets out of control can save you hundreds, or possibly thousands of dollars.


Stop Runaways before they can cause problems to your customers or your business. For more information or to add this free service to your NMC account, contact Dealer Support Service at 800.662.1711.


It’s free and it can save you money. What are you waiting for?

Keep Your IP. The Flexibility of Secure Forwarding


Internet-based alarm systems are changing the industry, and it is critical that alarm
companies maintain portability when moving to internet-based alarm systems. NMC is
once again leading the way with a program that allows you complete portability combined
with the convenience of working with NMC.


Alarm companies must have the ability to control IP communications to central
monitoring stations for internet-based alarm systems. Keep Your IP allows you to control the destination of your customers’ IP accounts. With your own secure IPv4 address, you can redirect or reroute to alternate IP destinations if accounts are sold, in disaster recovery situations or to change to another Central Station.


NMC will assist with the setup and implementation of Keep Your IP, allowing you the security and flexibility to direct (or reroute) your company’s growth

Executive Summary Report. A Snapshot of Performance


Having a summary of critical information delivered monthly to
your email can be a real cost saver for your business.


The NMC Alarm Company Executive Summary Report was designed to provide a snapshot of your business to help you troubleshoot potentially troublesome accounts and manage
telecom fees by providing accurate, targeted information in a convenient report, updated monthly and emailed directly to you.


Manage your central station relationship with precise information

  • An Account Growth Summary – a monthly breakdown of added and cancelled accounts and your net summary
  • A list of accounts having two or more dispatches in a one year period
  • A list of the accounts sending the most signals in the past 30 days


A service that sends a summary of the precise information your
business needs, right to your desktop every month – we think
you’re going to like this!

One Time Data Entry



NMC is currently testing a software integration system that will allow dealers one point of data entry for Micro Key and MASWeb. We will be following up with a similar system for Sedona users.


This new technology will make data entry seamless and improve your bottom line by reconciling RMR between your monitoring and billing software.


Be looking for this exciting new NMC integration coming soon!

Risk management consulting – another NMC dealer benefit


NMC has retained the services of the most knowledgeable person in the business of risk management for security operators. His name is Rick Gombar and he has been in the industry for decades. Why do you need Rick? Well, purchasing general liability insurance in the security business is complicated. First of all, there are only a handful of carriers that even write the coverage. And this limited market becomes a maze when you realize that every carrier writes the coverage differently. Most importantly, if you purchase insurance based strictly upon price, you could end up with serious coverage gaps and not even know it until you have a claim.


Rick will help you negotiate this maze. If you are considering changing your policy or are wondering what your current policy will and will not cover, give Rick a call at 800.446.6227. He will be happy to review your policy and answer any questions you have about your coverage.

Attention dealers in Washington County, OR and City of Carrollton, TX!



In the event you didn’t know, there are new ordinances in place for dealers in the above areas. We want to make sure you are fully knowledgeable and in complete compliance with these new regulations that are in place regarding permits and more. You must be in compliance with these or potentially face costly fines. To read all about about these two new ordinances, please visit the applicable web address:
Alarm Permits
Alarm System Ordinances

Our Owner Summary Report alerts you to over-served alarms



In today’s busy market, time is of the utmost importance. NMC recognizes this and has developed a valuable tool to help alarm company owners manage their business and central station relationship. The owner summary report provides alarm company owners with a snapshot of their performance with the central station. This report will help troubleshoot potentially troublesome accounts and manage phone line fees helping create operational efficiencies. The report can be email to you on a monthly basis and provides you with a complete summary of the following important information:

  • An account growth summary listing the number of added and cancelled accounts and your net summary broken down monthly
  • A list of all accounts that have had two or more dispatches in a one year period
  • A list of accounts sending .e most signals for the past 30-days to quickly address problem accounts and manage telecom fees


We know that this will become an invaluable service for all NMC customers. All inquiries regarding our owner summery report please email: ITTicket@nmccentraLcom.

Our “Ambassador” has all the answer



Many of you already know Bob Dialto, NMC’s Dealer Relations Manager, aka “The Ambassador”. He’s been in the industry for over 35 years – 11 of them as president for an alarm company. There’s not a question he can’t answer or a problem he can’t solve. Any feedback you might have, positive or negative regarding the services provided by NMC, simply call Bob! He’s well-versed on all the new services and solutions and can help you select the services that will deliver the best client experience.


Bob’s expertise doesn’t stop here. He also assists you with marketing, developing your website and providing the tools you need to grow your RMR. Nobody wants you to succeed more than NMC. Your success is our success.


Bob Di Alto: 855-353-3031

Introducing IVR. Instant voice notification for non-violation



Interactive Voice Response. This NMC exclusive feature is fully interactive, fast and complimentary. It is another way that NMC brings to your subscribers, the latest technology to create efficiencies which will directly enhance their experience with the
monitoring center. When a non-violation occurs, i.e. the alarm panel sends a low battery signal, the IVR will instantaneously
call the end use user. The voice system will interact with them giving details of the signal and prompting them on steps that might be
taken. IVR provides dealers with:

  • Unlimited amount of calls that can be placed
  • A fully customizable scripted message recorded by NMC with a voice actor at no cost
  • Professionally recorded marketing message also at no cost


Contact NMC today and we will send you a sample of this innovative, new p product.
For inquiries please contact Bob Dialto.