NMC E-Newsletter – September 2012

AlarmAccount.com – Drives customers to your website.

Many dealers have found that AlarmAccount.com is an enticing tool to attract more customers. 


It allows subscribers to view their account online to:


  • Monitor their history
  • Update emergency contacts
  • Keep account information current


End-users can access it through your own website which provides you with numerous opportunities to strengthen your relationship, market your company and sell new products.


Best of all, dealers love that they can set the security level of access giving them the ability to determine which account information the end-user can access or change. A win-win situation for everyone.


Our free MASMobile™ is massively handy.


Free. Fast. Easy-to-use. That’s what dealers are saying about our new app. MasMobile is a time-saving tool that quickly allows you to put systems on and off test right from your mobile device. This free application:


  • Is downloadable to your iPhone, iPad or Android
  • Lets you remotely view system status summaries, event  and test history, zones and contacts
  • Allows you to put systems on and off test 24/7 Just search for MASMobile in the iPhone app store.


Voice Response Terminal (VRT). Testing at the speed of sound.


Our VRT will soon put you on the fast track to doing more business. This groundbreaking automation speeds up the time your technicians need to put a system on and off test.


While your employees may enjoy talking directly with our Customer Service Representatives, the time spent “chatting” is not always the most productive. With VRT:

  • Technicians simply call in, enter the account number  and are immediately able to access the system.
  • You have a unique and efficient selling tool because your  techs are able to demonstrate to end-users how quickly  and easily they can reach the monitoring station.
  • End-users feel more secure knowing that less time = more security.



New end-user services – instant email and text notification (IN)


Instant Notification. If the panel will send it, we can relay it via text or email instantaneously. This is what end-users have been asking for and what gives you a step-up from the competition. With IN your customer will be instantly texted or e-mailed when any event signal occurs whether it’s:


  • Break-in
  • Fire
  • Open door
  • Closed by-pass
  • Friend or relative incapacitated
  • Low battery
  • Any trouble or non-violation event


Our IN features communications for any alarm. Your clients will love the security in immediately knowing when anything irregular is happening. IN also frees up urgent operative time to deal with more serious threats. Ask us for our new Monitoring Service Form to fill out for your clients, to get them onboard with the newest/safest technology.


Monitoring Service Form – Click Here