10 Ways To Protect Your Home Security System Against Hacking

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    Homeowners are often unaware that their home security system can be hacked. Unfortunately even the most complex security locks can be overridden by smart intruders.

    Promote home security system with your clients by making them aware of the vulnerabilities that can make their home security system prone to hackers. There are ways to get ahead of hackers.

    Here’s a list of things a homeowner can do to protect their homes better against intruders.

    1. Change passwords frequently.

    Using default passwords makes a security system an easy prey for hackers. This is like leaving your door already half open for hackers. Avoid using personal details such as birthdays on your passwords. Instead, try a 12 digit password that can be easily recollected (the longer your password, the more secure it is.) Incorporate numbers, capital letters, and punctuation marks in those 12 digits.

    2. Protect your router.

    Protect your router with a secure password. However, ensure you do not use the same access codes for your security system and router.

    3. Hide your network

    Hackers can’t break into what they cannot find. Use your wireless router’s settings to make your home automation network invisible from automatic searching.

    4. Avoid using public Wi-Fi.

    Try as much as possible not to access your automation devices at home using public wi-fi connections. This makes you more vulnerable to hackers. You can use your mobile data service or a more secure connection instead before you click connect.

    5. Regularly upgrade your firmwares and apps

    The reason why companies continually update their firmwares is to fix bugs and also to add more security. By complying with these updates, you’re arming yourself with greater protection against hackers.

    6. Double check your camera logs.

    Usually, checking your camera logs is an easy way to know if someone has been messing around with your security system. Several security cameras can show the IP addresses that accessed your cameras. If you find any suspicious one, change your access codes immediately and notify the right authorities.

    7. Use encrypted signals.

    Ensure the signals sent for videos and controls are encrypted. Our systems at the National Monitoring Center (NMC) are capable of using high-level encryptions to ensure that no one else can view your videos and pictures.

    8. Put up a firewall.

    To prevent unauthorized access to your devices, ensure you have a firewall in your network.

    9. Secure your mobile phone

    Most of the home security systems today are controlled through mobile apps making your smartphone crucial to your home’s security and the need to have it password protected always. You can also install a tracking app in case you misplace or lose your phone.

    If such happens, remember to remove your mobile phone’s access from your system and report immediately to the authorities.

    10. Build a separate network

    One disadvantage of having a connected home is that it is connected. Once a hacker is able to access one of your devices, he can gain access to all. To prevent this, build a separate network exclusively intended for your home security and automation.

    10 Ways To Protect Your Home Security System Against Hacking
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    10 Ways To Protect Your Home Security System Against Hacking
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